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Game of Thrones Walking Tour in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Walking Tour in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic.

My husband and I, being die-hard fans of Game of Thrones decided to visit this city with a single motive - to experience King's Landing for real. And believe me, it is one hell of an experience. This city does take you back in time and make you wonder and imagine the lives of people living there. Structured streets, gorgeous tiny houses, long sturdy walls to protect the people, cannons placed at regular intervals on city walls, small stairways leading to houses and sea on three sides of this city. No wonder Game of Thrones chose this place to shoot THE most important kingdom of the series. This place naturally gives you the required setting for King's Landing's spirit and grandeur. 

There are plenty of walking tours around Dubrovnik for GoT locations that you can avail. However, having said that there are so many articles already available that you can just walk around and explore all these locations all by yourself - and that too for FREE. My friends and family visiting this place have asked me so many questions around this place and about the GoT locations that it is time that I put together an article and a MAP (trust me, which comes very handy) that will talk about all those important scenes shot in this beautiful city. While waiting for the next season, which seems like beyond eternity, lets go down the memory lane and refresh our GoT scenes. And you can thank me later. :)

For people who have yet not seen Game of Thrones - SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Read at your own risk.

1. Ethnographic Museum Rupe - Little Finger's Brothel Entrance

This place had been the most important place in the first initial seasons and many important scenes have been shot here. Remember, the conversation between Tyrion and Oberyn?

2. Gradac Park - The Purple Wedding

How can one forget this episode? I think most of the people must have celebrated after this episode ended. And why not? THE most hated character was DEAD!! Pheww! Purple Wedding was shot at a public park called Gradac Park just outside of Old Town.

3. Hotel Belvedere - Viper vs. Mountain Fight Sequence

Why did Oberyn have to talk so much? The series would have taken a different turn had he stayed shut and just killed Mr. Mountain. Nevertheless, this scene was shot at an abandoned hotel atrium. This location is a couple of miles away from Old Town and cannot be visited from inside but is open to view from outside.

Viper vs. Mountain

4. Dubrovnik West Harbour - Blackwater Bay

An important scene took place just outside Old Town on Dubrovnik West Harbour. The scene where Little Finger talks a small talk with Sansa and Shae smells something fishy. This is where we see that Shae genuinely wants to care and protect the then 'naive' Sansa. This port is also shown multiple times in the Blackwater Bay battle sequences.

5. Minčeta Tower - House of Undying

How can anyone forget this tower of illusions? Though Daenerys did come out of all these and mother of dragons found her babies eventually.

6. Pile Gate - Various scenes of GoT

Pile gate is the entrance gate on the western side of Old Town. Multiple King's landing scenes are shot here including the one when Joffrey was humiliated by his subjects.  

7. Lokrum - City of Qarth

The entire Lokrum Island was shown at multiple times as the city of Qarth in Season two. This beautiful island can be reached only by boat. You can spend an entire day here amidst rabbits and peacocks (there are plenty of them here) and beautiful gardens. There is only one restaurant which is a little expensive. So do not forget to get your own picnic bag with some sandwiches and croissants. 

Lokrum Island as seen from Old Town Walls

Lokrum Island as seen from Old Town Walls


8. Lovrijenac Fort - The Red Keep

Various Red Keep scenes have been shot here. The most famous one being Joffrey's Name-Day celebrations. This was the day when he humiliated a royal, Ser Dontos Hollard, because he showed up drunk and he made him his new muse. 

9. Jesuit Staircase - The Infamous 'Walk of Shame' stairs

Another important scene of the series and which I am sure no one has forgotten. These staircases have become so popular in Dubrovnik that you will see many people walking down the stairs just like Cersei did (with clothes on obviously).

Walk of Shame
Jesuit Stairs

10. Arboretum Trsteno - Lady Olenna's fav sit-out

This is the garden that we frequently saw Lady Olenna sitting in and passing on her life lessons and philosophy to the two most beautiful girls in the series - Sansa and Margaery. This garden is approximately 20 km away from Dubrovnik Old Town. However, the distance should not stop you from visiting this amazingly quite and beautiful place with never ending views of the sea.

Arboretum Trsteno

11. Rector's Palace - Inside of Qarth Palace

Rector's Palace was used to shoot a scene where Daenerys requests Spice King of Qarth to provide her the required number of ships to across the Narrow Sea which was turned down not so generously. 

12. Ploce Gate - Red Keep Gate

Ploce Gate is the Eastern entrance to the Old Town. This location is shown multiple times in the series guarded by Red Keep soldiers.   

13. St. Dominic Street - Various Market Scenes of King's Landing

This place is very close to Ploce gate entrance of the Old Town. Various market scenes are shot here including the one below where a man is protesting on the steps of Dominican Monastery.

14. And lastly The Iron Throne itself

A visiting area on Lokrum island has a map of GoT locations around Croatia and details of each locations. It also has a replica of Iron Throne. So just sit on it and rule the world.

The Iron Throne

Disclaimer: Source for the GoT images is Google images.

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