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Where to eat in Prague and Budapest? - Vegetarian/Vegan Dilemma

Where to eat in Prague and Budapest? - Vegetarian/Vegan Dilemma

Vegetarianism and Veganism is quite an in-thing these days. On my travels off lately I have been meeting so many people who are either vegan or vegetarian. Me being a vegetarian myself, feel quite proud about this fact. (No offence to anyone eating meat. I respect everybody's individual choices). I have traveled to some strong meat-eating countries and people always pose one question, "How do you manage to survive? What do you eat when you travel?" I do not know whether to laugh at their naive(ness) or be angry at their ignorance. Firstly, unlike an average Indian person, I am not too fussy about my food. I can survive on bakery products, fruits and salads. Secondly, I also carry some packaged Indian food if I ever get Indian-food-sick on my long travels. Thirdly, most of the places I have visited, I have never had problems in finding a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

Most Indians complain about not getting veg food in Europe. I do not know how many of you know, but an average mid-aged Indian person always travels with a tour company who travel with their own chefs and groceries (funny right?). I honestly, am not a big fan of such tour companies as this takes away my freedom of trying something new, exploring local restaurants and cafes. And people who have visited any country in Europe at least once will agree that cafes are the heart and soul of Europe. I really like the coziness and comfort each cafe offers in their own unique way.

This article is for all my vegan and veg friends who like to travel and also for people who don't mind trying something new. 


1. K - The Two Brothers

Address: Petrská 1136/12, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

K - The Two Brothers 2.jpg
K - The Two Brothers.jpg

When we first heard the name, it sounded a bit funny to us. However, we were desperate to have some Indian food after a gap of 13 days. The Google reviews were good and we started heading in the direction of the restaurant. It led to some isolated by-lanes and we started to wonder if the restaurant really exists. After some more walking, we finally saw some the hoarding and trust me neither of us were impressed. We looked at each other questioning our decision to come here. However, we still entered. We thought, what was the worst thing that would happen? We would not like it and we would walk out. So we just entered. But believe me you, the ambience just took us away. It was so Indian that most Indian restaurants in India do not have such authentic ambience. The frames, the silverware, the music, the tapestries. Even if you are not vegetarian or an Indian, visit this place for some good, delicious and authentic Indian food.

2. Clear Head/Lehká hlava

Address: Borsov 2/280, Prague 1 - Old Town

Clear Head.png

This place is very close to Karlovy Lazne - 5 storey dance club in Prague. The ambience of this place is very unique with dark walls brightened by paintings of stars and galaxies. It is a small place and most often than not there will be a waiting for the tables. This place is a vegetarian restaurant with no meat dishes at all. The cuisine is mostly Italian and Mexican. Though the menu is limited, the food is delicious and worth the wait to get in.

3. Dhaba Vladislavova

Address: Vladislavova 1587/24, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Dhaba Vladis.png

This place is very close to Národní třída; one of the important streets of Prague with lots of eating joints and places to shop. So while shopping if you feel hungry go to this vegetarian joint for some North Indian inspired food delicacies. You get food here based on weight. So the more you serve on a plate, the more you pay. The food is quite good with many non-Indian crowd. This place also oversees a constantly moving statue of Franz Kafka, a must visit for all modern art fans.

4. Indian By Nature

Address: Pernerova 478/1, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czechia

IBN 2.jpg

This place is worth a visit if you stay close by to Praha 8 area. It serves authentic Indian food with lots of variety in vegetarian dishes as well. Considered to be one of the fine dining India experience restaurants, visit this place only if you want to satiate your Indian food craving.

5. Satsang

Address: Krymská 439/24, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice-Praha 10, Czechia

This is a restaurant owned by a vegetarian. This place was on my list of visit-these-restaurants-while-in-Prague. However, it being a little far from our AirBnB we decided to give this restaurant a miss. If anyone reading this, might have visited this place, do share your experiences and I will be happy to update my post.

6. Forrest Bistro

Address: Londýnská 216/35, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Czechia

Forrest Bistro

This is a recent addition to Vegan restaurants in Prague. It is a bistro that serves bakery products, Vietnamese dishes and some local Czech food. The entry is below street level but that is not going to make you miss the bright and well-lit entrance. Try this cute little bistro to satiate your hunger pangs.


1. Govinda

Address: Budapest, Vigyázó Ferenc u. 4, 1051 Hungary

We accidentally came across this Vegan joint. We were around Hungary Parliament building and looked up Google to guide us with some veg restaurant options. Govinda is walking distance from Parliament building and is owned by ISKCON group followers. Apparently it is a famous chain in Hungary. They serve traditional Indian dishes, lacto-vegetarian and vegan meals. Their pricing works on per gram basis. So you pay only for the food you can eat. Wasting food is a strict no-no in this restaurant. The entrance is barely visible and you may doubt getting in (in case you spot the restaurant door). However, don't let the looks deceive you. Just get in and enjoy a wholesome meal.

2. Curry House

Address: Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 21, 1088 Hungary

curry house 1.jpg
curry house 2.jpg

This is another highly rated Indian restaurant where they have plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. We visited this place for dinner and believe me not there was waiting to get in. Lot of people (even non-Indians) visit this place to have a taste of Indian spicy 'masaledaar' food.

3. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Address: Budapest, Szondi u. 40, 1067 Hungary

Taj mahal 1.png

Another Indian restaurant to curb your Indian food craving and get some authentic veg Indian options. This restaurant serves both, North Indian and South Indian style cuisines. Depends on where you are staying in Budapest, this could be a little far away. So visit only if you are close to this locality. Or else, you can give this restaurant a miss. 

4. Great Bistro - Vegan restaurant

Address: Budapest, Bank u. 6, 1054 Hungary

Great Bistro.png

Again, this is a place where we could not go because of time constraints. I am adding this place to my list because we got plenty of recommendations for this place for vegan food options. It is a small, funky, colorful place with lots of colors. Almost looks like a kid's play zone. A perfect mood-lifter. They offer plenty of vegan options for breakfast and lunch. My readers - Try it out and do let me know if it was worth all the hype. :)

5. Madal Cafe

Address: Budapest, Ferenciek tere 3, 1053 Hungary

Outside Madal.jpg

I don't know why i have put this under Veg/vegan options. It is more of a cafe with good breakfast options. However, I highly recommend this place to all the coffee lovers. They also have a small, limited seating outside to enjoy your coffee on a nice sunny day. So feel lazy and enjoy the sun and the coffee at Madal Cafe.

Disclaimer: I have used the images from respective restaurant websites

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